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Disney Hush

Where a picture paints a thousand words

Textless Disney Icontest
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A textless icon challenge focusing on Disney movies.

weekly schedule

W E E K L Y   C O N T E S T S   R U L E S   &   I N F O :

1. a weekly challenge that starts on a Saturday. Contestants have until the deadline to submit up to three icons that correspond to that challenge. Challenges are either based on a specific Disney movie or a given theme. Caps will be provided, or in certain challenges you are able to pick your own. Full details will be given in the challenge. In challenges where you are allowed to choose your own caps, the icon must be from an animated Disney movie, unless otherwise specified. If live-action is specifically allowed for a challenge, only theatrically-released live-action movies will be accepted. More information on this rule is available here, and a comprehensive list of Disney movies can be found here.

2. all icons are to fit LJ standards (100x100 or less), 40KB or less, and .jpg, .png and .gif files are accepted (though no animations).

3. as this is a 'hush' contest, no text is allowed, however tiny unreadable text is permitted.

4. winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be posted, as well as a mod's choice. There will also be a winner for a special category usually related to that specific challenge. Details will be given in the voting post.

5. icons are to be posted in a screened comment to the challenge post. They should also include the icon URL. For example:


6. please do not reveal who made what icon until results are posted (for example, do not post your icons elsewhere or ask people to vote for you while voting is going on).

7. all icons must be new and created for the specific challenge.

8. any questions, feel free to comment on any of the posts in the community, or contact one of the mods.

S C H E D U L E :

The community will try to adhere to these times for challenges:

Saturday/Sunday: new challenge goes up
Saturday: deadline for submissions, voting goes up on Sunday morning
Wednesday: voting period ends and winners announced.

Where possible a reminder will be posted in the journal. It helps to both join and friend the community so you don't miss any challenges.

L I M S :

1. LIMs competitions will run con-currently with the regular challenges with the same general rules, the notable differences being that (unless specified) you are only able to submit 1 icon to challenge guidelines.

2. at the voting stage voters will be asked to vote off the icons that they think are of the least techinal quality and provide reasons. Each challenge will result in the elimination of one or several icon makers until only one person remains.

3. for more specific rules please see the specific challenge post and the rules listed under 'weekly contests' above.

P R E V I O U S   L I M S   W I N N E R S :


Round XII Winner

Round XII Runners-Up
cool_spectrum & deadama

C O M M U N I T Y   I N F O :

Maintainers: this community was created by nikkidarling and taangled. It was also run by spiffydaze, chimera_x and wirsindaurelie, then later chacusha, eotheod, & lovedbyahero, but is currently headed by gribouille.
Profile Layout: Our banner was created by autumnishleaves and took first place in the profile banner challenge.
Layout: lovedbyahero created our layout banner, with coding created by kill_brainz and modified by chacusha.

S E C R E T   S A N T A :

A relatively new tradition at disney_hush where participants create a Disney icon for their assigned Secret Santa (who in turn will have made an icon for someone else).

Thanks to everyone who participated :)

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I M P O R T A N T   L I N K S :

Join us!
Watch the community to make sure you don't miss any challenges
Open & Closed challenges. A list of all the challenges that have been, and will come to pass
Challenge suggestion post. We're always open to new ideas.
Affiliates list. It's a great place to check out other icontests, and, if you're interested in affiliating with this community, just comment to that post.